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The distant future; these features are out of scope for v0.x:

  • Discover APIs (and warn that this should be configured? cache?), generate matching client.
  • Wikimedia Commons media commands.
  • Clients for some of the many other Wikimedia REST APIs beyond core, served through RESTBase. See issue #2.
  • Demonstrate a cross-wiki API call (CentralAuth).
  • Dump-processing interface for the archives served on — might be blocked by the unavailability of bzip2 and 7zip bindings for Erlang or Elixir.
  • meter how many calls are made, when, and bandwidth used.
  • Wikidata Query Service



Holding place for everything needed to finish the 0.x series. The focus is on a few robust, core apis.

What it should already include:

  • Detect server and network errors, fail fast. Show helpful API debugging in dev environment. Demonstrate how to call with error handling.
  • Longer, configurable default timeouts to match servers. (#18)
  • Convenient logging—a global setting to inject the logging middleware into all client plugs.
  • ...



This is the development target and next steps.

  • Show how to integrate with the MediaWiki OAuth2 provider (to be published), to authenticate actions on behalf of a user.
  • Built-in Mediawiki REST API
  • ...



Small changes in progress...

  • ...


0.4.0 (Sep 2022)

Breaking changes:

  • Config variables are deprecated, all customization is done via keyword options.
  • Wiki.EventStreams :send_to option renamed to :stream_to.


  • mix test.all task replaces git_hooks for development.
  • ...


0.3.1 (Sep 2022)

Breaking changes:

  • Wiki.Site renamed to Wiki.SiteMatrix and has an updated interface. new() returns an opaque sitematrix.
  • Settle on the Apache 2 license (bug #21).


  • Wiki.SiteMatrix caches the response.


0.3.0 (Dec 2021)

Breaking changes:

  • Switched most of the API to return {:ok | :error, ...} tuples. For quick migration just use the bang functions like get!. Or match {:ok, result} for fine-grained error handling. Errors will be returned as exception objects, with a crude string message for now. In a future release these will include a reason atom.


0.2.6 (Dec 2021)

Breaking changes:

  • Renamed the package from wiki_elixir to mediawiki_client. mix.exs dependencies must be updated.
  • OTP app name in configuration must also be changed from wiki_elixir to mediawiki_client.
  • The package namespace is still Wiki.-, because I honor your labors, noble reader.


0.2.5 (Nov 2021)

New features:

  • Wiki.Site module for retrieving the Wikimedia site matrix.
  • You may migrate calls to accept a Wiki.Site object, which will be used to calculate the default endpoint.


0.2.2 (Nov 2021)

  • Depend on eventsource_ex library, testability improvements have been upstreamed.
  • Continuous tests verify compatibility with Elixir 1.9-1.12 .
  • User-agent header sends correct library version.
  • Drop unused dependencies.


0.2.1 (May 2021)

Breaking changes:

  • Request query parameters are passed as a keyword list rather than a map.
  • Handles application-level API errors in the action and ores apis, failing fast.


  • Complete test coverage for both happy and sad cases.
  • Remove unused Timex dependency.
  • Allow literal "|" in parameters by switching the delimiter to "unit separator".
  • Default to action response format version 2.


0.1.4 (May 2020)

  • Fix application configuration bug, nothing worked out of the box.
  • Fix a continuation bug which would drop the first response.
  • Removed the incomplete Wiki.Rest client.
  • Some test coverage for Wiki.Action.
  • Add lint jobs to git hook and GitLab CI.


0.1.2 (May 2020)

  • Rename WikiAction -> Wiki.Action
  • Rename WikiRest -> Wiki.Rest
  • Rename WikiSSE -> Wiki.EventStreams
  • Basic ORES client.
  • Inline examples as module documentation.
  • Pipe-join list values for Action API.
  • Accumulate Action results.


0.1.1 (May 2020)

  • Send User-Agent header.
  • Action API and continuations. Authentication, session cookies.
  • Pipelining.
  • Flexible endpoint.
  • Server-side events relayed as a Stream.
  • Simplify and package examples as scripts.
  • Begin work on REST API.
  • Host code on GitLab, apply the most basic CI.
  • Temporarily inline the cwc/eventsource_ex server-side events library as a workaround.
  • Switch to Tesla HTTP client.


0.1.0 (May 2019)

  • Initial release.