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Unofficial client modules for connecting to Wikipedia, Wikidata, and other MediaWiki sites from Elixir code. Supports multiple APIs: Action, EventStreams, and Scoring.

API reference for the current version: Documentation and examples



Install this package by adding mediawiki_client to your dependencies in mix.exs,

def deps do
    {:mediawiki_client, "~> 0.4.0"}

Documentation is generated with mix docs.


The change log will have information about new features and any breaking changes. Expect the interfaces to evolve until the 1.0 release is reached.


An included Livebook notebook demonstrates the library's capabilities. First, install or update livebook locally:

mix do local.rebar --force, local.hex --force
mix escript.install hex livebook

Make local escripts available by editing your ~/.profile, if you find that "livebook" still can't be found. You may have to restart the shell for changes to take effect.

export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/.mix/escripts"

Now, run the notebook server:

livebook server notebooks/demo.livemd


Fetch some statistics about German Wikipedia,
|> Wiki.SiteMatrix.get!("dewiki")
|> Wiki.Action.get!(
  action: :query,
  meta: :siteinfo,
  siprop: :statistics
# %Wiki.Action.Session{
#   ...
#   result: %{
#     "batchcomplete" => true,
#     "query" => %{
#       "statistics" => %{
#         "activeusers" => 19687,
#         "admins" => 188,
#         "articles" => 2583285,
#         "edits" => 211219883,
#         "images" => 130199,
#         "jobs" => 0,
#         "pages" => 7163473,
#         "queued-massmessages" => 0,
#         "users" => 3715461
#       }
#     }
#   },
#   ...
# }

See the source documentation for more examples.

Error handling

Methods come in an assertive and a non-assertive form, for example the Wiki.Action.get() method returns an {:ok, ...} or a {:error, ...} tuple, and the Wiki.Action.get!() method raises an error directly.


The project homepage is on GitLab. To contribute, feel free to start with an issue, push a merge request, or contact maintainers.

To run all tests,

mix test.all

To generate a test coverage report,

mix coveralls.html