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Multimedia processing framework that focuses on reliability, concurrency and scalability.

An easy to use abstraction layer for assembling mostly server-side applications that have to consume, produce or process multimedia streams.

It puts reliability over amount of features.

It is written in Elixir + C with outstanding Erlang VM underneath that gives us a rock solid and battle tested foundation.


Membrane Core

This package provides core of the Membrane Multimedia Framework.



Add the following line to your deps in mix.exs. Run mix deps.get.

{:membrane_core, "~> 0.12.8"}

Or, if you'd like to try the latest release candidate, use this version:

{:membrane_core, "~> 1.0.0-rc0"}


Getting started

To get familiar with basic concepts and build your first application using Membrane Framework, visit Membrane Guide.

API documentation is available at HexDocs.

Moreover, we would like to invite you to take some of the Membrane Tutorials, based on real-life use cases.



Any contributions are more than welcome! You can help us improving Membrane by either contributing to the core (see opened issues), extending our guide or by creating new elements.

For more details see Contribution guide


Support and questions

If you have any problems with Membrane Framework feel free to contact us via membrane tag at Elixir forum, mailing list, Discord or via e-mail.

Copyright 2018, Software Mansion

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Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0