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A Memorex.Domain.Deck contains Memorex.Domain.Notes (which in turn can have one or two Memorex.Domain.Cards associated with them). A Memorex.Domain.Deck can be read in from a single Markdown file (in which case the deck name is the name of the Markdown file, minus the .md extension) or from a directory which contains multiple Markdown files (in which case the deck name is the name of the directory containing the Markdown files), or from a deck directory which contains image file/text file pairs (see Memorex.Domain.Note for more detail).

Memorex.Domain.Decks are re-read each time the mix task memorex.read_notes is run.

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@type t() :: %Memorex.Domain.Deck{
  __meta__: term(),
  cards: term(),
  config: map(),
  id: | nil,
  inserted_at: DateTime.t(),
  name: String.t(),
  notes: term(),
  updated_at: DateTime.t()

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changeset(deck, params \\ %{})

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@spec changeset(Ecto.Changeset.t() | t(), map()) :: Ecto.Changeset.t()