View Source mix loadpaths (Mix v1.17.0-dev)

Loads the application and its dependencies paths.

This task is never directly invoked from the command line, but it is rather used as building block by other tasks.

Dependencies are checked, compiled, and loaded. Each step can be explicitly disabled with flags.


  • :elixir - matches the current Elixir version against the given requirement

Command line options

  • --no-archives-check - does not check archives
  • --no-compile - does not compile dependencies, only check and load them
  • --no-deps-check - does not check dependencies, only load available ones
  • --no-elixir-version-check - does not check Elixir version
  • --no-optional-deps - does not compile or load optional deps
  • --no-path-loading - does not add entries to the code path