View Source mix local.rebar (Mix v1.15.0-dev)

Fetches a copy of rebar3 from the given path or URL.

It defaults to safely download a Rebar copy from Hex's CDN. However, a URL can be given as an argument, usually for an existing local copy of Rebar:

$ mix local.rebar rebar3 path/to/rebar

The local copy is stored in your MIX_HOME (defaults to ~/.mix) according to the current Elixir. The installed version of Rebar will be used whenever required by mix deps.compile.


Command line options

  • rebar3 PATH - specifies a path for rebar3

  • --sha512 - checks the Rebar script matches the given SHA-512 checksum

  • --force - forces installation without a shell prompt; primarily intended for automation in build systems like make

  • --if-missing - performs installation only if not installed yet; intended to avoid repeatedly reinstalling in automation when a script may be run multiple times



If you want to change the default mirror to use for fetching rebar please set the HEX_MIRROR environment variable.