View Source MyXQL.Queries (MyXQL v0.6.3)

A struct for a prepared statement that returns multiple results.

An example use case is a stored procedure with multiple SELECT statements.

Its public fields are:

  • :name - The name of the prepared statement;
  • :num_params - The number of parameter placeholders;
  • :statement - The prepared statement

Named and Unnamed Queries

Named queries are identified by the non-empty value in :name field and are meant to be re-used.

Unnamed queries, with :name equal to "", are automatically closed after being executed.

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t() :: %MyXQL.Queries{
  cache: :reference | :statement,
  name: iodata(),
  num_params: non_neg_integer(),
  ref: term(),
  statement: iodata(),
  statement_id: term()