View Source MyXQL.Result (MyXQL v0.6.3)

Result struct returned from any successful query.

Its public fields are:

  • :columns - The column names;
  • :connection_id - The connection ID;
  • :last_insert_id - The ID of the last inserted row;
  • :num_rows - The number of fetched or affected rows;
  • :rows - The result set. A list of lists, each inner list corresponding to a row, each element in the inner list corresponds to a column;
  • :num_warnings - The number of warnings


Depending on SQL MODE, a given query may error or just return warnings. If result.num_warnings is non-zero it means there were warnings and they can be retrieved by making another query:

MyXQL.query!(conn, "SHOW WARNINGS")

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t() :: %MyXQL.Result{
  columns: [String.t()] | nil,
  connection_id: pos_integer(),
  last_insert_id: term() | nil,
  num_rows: non_neg_integer() | nil,
  num_warnings: non_neg_integer(),
  rows: [[term()]] | nil