Vultr Cloud Server

Build Status

This is the base Nerves System configuration for a Vultr cloud server. It is close to a generic x86_64 configuration and should be useful for other cloud server images.

Memory512 MB+ DRAM
StorageVirtio (/dev/vda)
Linux kernel4.19
IEx terminalVNC display - tty0
Hardware I/ONone

Nerves images created using this system first need to be install onto a Vultr server and then they can be upgraded using normal Nerves methods. For an installer, see nerves_vultr_loader. There are some basic instructions there.

Please contact me about this if you're really interested in it. I don't maintain it, and unless you really dig through the code, it's not going to be obvious how it works. I'm happy to help if you're really interested.


Add nerves_system_vultr to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

  def deps do
    [{:nerves_system_vultr, "~> 0.1"}]