🧭 Oban.Web is a view of Oban's inner workings that you host directly within your Phoenix application. Powered by Phoenix Live View, it is extremely lightweight and continuously updated. It builds on features provided by Oban.Pro and is available through a paid license.

Get started with installation.


  • Live Inspection — Monitor background job activity across all of your nodes in real time.

  • Composable Filtering — Sift through jobs instantly with any combination of queue, state, node, worker and other metadata.

  • Powerful Search — Intelligently search through job arguments instantly, with support for partial matches and auto-correction.

  • Detailed Inspection — View job details including when, where and how it was ran (or how it failed to run).

  • Batch Actions — Cancel, delete and retry selected jobs or all jobs matching the current filters.

  • Queue Controls — Scale, pause, resume and stop queues across all running nodes with a couple of clicks.