View Source OffBroadway.Splunk.SplunkClient (off_broadway_splunk v1.2.0)

Default Splunk client used by OffBroadway.Splunk.Producer to receive data from Splunk. This module implements the OffBroadway.Splunk.Client and Broadway.Acknowledger behaviours which define callbacks for receiving and acknowledging events. Since Splunk does not have any concept of acknowledging consumed events, we need to keep track of what events that are consumed ourselves (more on that later).

The default Splunk client uses the Splunk Web API for receiving events and is implemented using the Tesla library. Tesla is a HTTP client abstraction library which let's us easily select from a range of HTTP adapters. Please see the Tesla documentation for more information.

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Returns a Tesla.Client configured with middleware.

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@spec client(opts :: Keyword.t()) :: Tesla.Client.t()

Returns a Tesla.Client configured with middleware.