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Emits telemetry events

To enable this instrumentation module, update your config/config.exs file with:

config :opus, :instrumentation, [Opus.Telemetry]

Telemetry Events

  • [:opus, :pipeline, :start] - emitted when a pipeline module is called.

    • Measurement: %{time: System.system_time()}
    • Metadata: %{pipeline: String.t()}
  • [:opus, :pipeline, :stage, :stop] - emitted at the end of a stage.

    • Measurement: %{duration: pos_integer()}
    • Metadata: %{pipeline: String.t(), stage: String.t()}
  • [:opus, :pipeline, :stop] - emitted when a pipeline has been completed.

    • Measurement: %{duration: pos_integer(), success: boolean()}
    • Metadata: %{pipeline: String.t()}

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instrument(arg1, arg2, arg3)

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