API Reference Opus v0.7.0


Documentation for Opus.

Defines a pipeline.

Specification of the stage behavior

The check stage is intended to assert its input fulfils certain criteria otherwise the pipeline is halted.

The link stage calls the specified pipeline module.

The skip stage is meant to halt the pipeline with no error if the given condition is true. This stage must be called with an if option, in order to decide if the pipeline is going to be halted or not.

The step stage defines an operation which is considered successful unless it returns an error atom :error or tuple {:error, _}. It is also considered failed and halts the pipeline when it raises an unexpected exception.

The tee stage is intended for side-effects with no meaningful return value.

Module to refine the stages to be run in a pipeline.

Error struct capturing useful information to detect where an error was caused and why.

Emits telemetry events