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  • You can now disable the agent. If there is no configuration set for :paraxial_api_key or :paraxial_url, the agent will not start, and the Paraxial plugs will do nothing to conn.
  • To disable the agent in your dev or test environment, ensure there are no values set for your :paraxial configuration. If :paraxial_api_key and :paraxial_url have non-nil values, the agent will start and the Paraxial plugs will function normally.



  • WARNING: Breaking changes to the only/except configuration values. Previously these were read via Application.get_env, and would not raise an error if runtime and compile time settings were different.
  • only/except are now read with Application.compile_env/3 in 2.0.0. From the docs, "By using compile_env/3, tools like Mix will store the values used during compilation and compare the compilation values with the runtime values whenever your system starts, raising an error in case they differ."
  • There is no change in features from 1.1.0 to 2.0.0. The reason for this release is to make debugging CI/CD pipelines easier, because compile_env will trigger an error if runtime and compile time configuration differs.
  • After changing only/except in your dev environment run mix deps.clean paraxial. If you don't, you will get an error, ERROR! the application :paraxial has a different value set for key :except during runtime.





  • If fetch_cloud_ips is set to true, and there is no internet connection, ip_trie will be set to an empty trie.
  • PARAXIAL_API_KEY environment variable support added.