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KeyGenerator implements PBKDF2 (Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2), part of PKCS #5 v2.0 (Password-Based Cryptography Specification).

It can be used to derive a number of keys for various purposes from a given secret. This lets applications have a single secure secret, but avoid reusing that key in multiple incompatible contexts.

The returned key is a binary. You may invoke functions in the Base module, such as Base.url_encode64/2, to convert this binary into a textual representation.




Returns a derived key suitable for use.


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generate(secret, salt, opts \\ [])

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Returns a derived key suitable for use.


  • :iterations - defaults to 1000 (increase to at least 2^16 if used for passwords);
  • :length - a length in octets for the derived key. Defaults to 32;
  • :digest - an hmac function to use as the pseudo-random function. Defaults to :sha256;
  • :cache - an ETS table name to be used as cache. Only use an ETS table as cache if the secret and salt is a bound set of values. For example:, [:named_table, :public, read_concurrency: true])