API Reference PropCheck v1.4.1


Provides the macros and functions for property based testing using proper as base implementation. PropCheck supports many features of PropEr, but the automated generation of test data generators is only partially supported due to internal features of PropEr focusing of Erlang only.

This modules contains all basic type generators from PropEr. It is automatically available by use PropCheck.

The finite state machine approach for stateful systems, which is closer to Erlang's gen_fsm model.

Provides functions and macros for instrument byte code with additional yields and other constructs to ease testing of concurrent programs and state machines.

An agent to gather unique PropCheck-internal output from tests.

This module defines the property/4 and property/1 macros. It is automatically available by use PropCheck.

This module defines the :proper_statem behaviour, useful for testing stateful reactive systems whose internal state and side-effects are specified via an abstract state machine. Given a callback module implementing the :proper_statem behaviour (i.e. defining an abstract state machine of the system under test), PropEr can generate random symbolic sequences of calls to that system.

DEPRECATED : This module is deprecated, please use PropCheck.Statem.ModelDSL instead.

This module provides a shallow DSL (domain specific language) in Elixir for property based testing of stateful systems. It's built upon PropCheck.StateM and all it's the characteristics apply here as well. It's a replacement for PropCheck.StateM.DSL.

This module defines the top-level behaviour for targeted property-based testing (TPBT). Using TPBT the input generation is no longer random, but guided by a search strategy to increase the probability of finding failing input. For this to work the user has to specify a search strategy and also needs to extract utility-values from the system under test that the search strategy then tries to maximize.

Instruments with prepending :erlang.yield/0 for calls typical concurrency bug aware functions.

Mix Tasks

PropCheck runs property checking as part of ExUnit test and stores counter examples of failing properties in order to reapply them in the next test run.

Removes the counter example file of propcheck.

Inspects all counter examples.