Crontab format


FieldAllowed values
day of month1-31
month1-12 (or names)
day of week0-6 (0 is Sunday, or use abbreviated names)

The second field can only be used in extended Cron expressions.

Names can also be used for the month and day of week fields. Use the first three letters of the particular day or month (case does not matter).

Special expressions

Instead of the first five fields, one of these special strings may be used:

@annuallyRun once a year, same as ~e["0 0 1 1 *"] or @yearly
@dailyRun once a day, same as ~e["0 0 * * *"] or @midnight
@hourlyRun once an hour, same as ~e["0 * * * *"]
@midnightRun once a day, same as ~e["0 0 * * *"] or @daily
@minutelyRun once a minute, same as ~e["* * * * *"]
@monthlyRun once a month, same as ~e["0 0 1 * *"]
@rebootRun once, at startup
@secondlyRun once a second, same as ~e["* * * * * *"]e
@weeklyRun once a week, same as ~e["0 0 * * 0"]
@yearlyRun once a year, same as ~e["0 0 1 1 *"] or @annually

Supported Notations

Crontab Dependency

All Cron Expressions are parsed and evaluated by crontab.

Issues with parsing a Cron expression can be reported here: crontab GitHub issues