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  • YourApp.Scheduler (Quantum) - Your primary Interface to interact with. (Like add_job/1 etc.)
    • YourApp.Scheduler.Supervisor (Quantum.Supervisor) - The Supervisor that coordinates configuration, the runner and task supervisor.
      • YourApp.Scheduler.TaskRegistry (Quantum.TaskRegistry) - The GenServer that keeps track of running tasks and prevents overlap.
      • YourApp.Scheduler.JobBroadcaster (Quantum.JobBroadcaster) - The GenStage that keeps track of all jobs.
      • YourApp.Scheduler.ExecutionBroadcaster (Quantum.ExecutionBroadcaster) - The GenStage that notifies execution of jobs.
      • YourApp.Scheduler.ExecutorSupervisor (Quantum.ExecutorSupervisor) - The ConsumerSupervisor that spawns an Executor for every execution.
        • no_name (YourApp.Scheduler.Executor) - The Task that calls the YourApp.Scheduler.TaskSupervisor with the execution of the Cron (per Node).
      • YourApp.Scheduler.TaskSupervisor (Task.Supervisor) - The Task.Supervisor where all Cron jobs run in.
        • Task - The place where the defined Cron job action gets called.


Error Handling

The OTP Supervision Tree is initiated by the user of the library. Therefore the error handling can be implemented via normal OTP means. See Supervisor module for more information.