Scenic.Primitive.Arc (Scenic v0.10.3) View Source

Draw an arc on the screen.

An arc is a segment that traces part of the outline of a circle. If you are looking for something shaped like a piece of pie, then you want a segment.

Arcs are often drawn on top of a segment to get an affect where a piece of pie is filled in, but only the curvy edge is stroked.

Note that you can fill an arc, but that will result in a shape that looks like a potato wedge.


{radius, start, finish}

The data for an arc is a three-tuple.

  • radius - the radius of the arc
  • start - the starting angle in radians
  • finish - end ending angle in radians


This primitive recognizes the following styles

  • hidden - show or hide the primitive
  • fill - fill in the area of the primitive
  • stroke - stroke the outline of the primitive. In this case, only the curvy part.


You should add/modify primitives via the helper functions in Scenic.Primitives

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Returns a list of styles recognized by this primitive.

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valid_styles() :: [:fill | :hidden | :stroke]

Returns a list of styles recognized by this primitive.