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Module for sending transactional email.

Sandbox Mode

Sandbox mode allows you to test sending emails without actually delivering emails and using your email quota.

To send emails in sandbox mode, ensure the config key is set:

config :sendgrid,
  api_key: "SENDGRID_API_KEY",
  sandbox_enable: true

Optionally, you can use SendGrid.Email.set_sandbox/2 to configure it per email.

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Sends the built email

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send(SendGrid.Email.t(), [SendGrid.api_key()]) ::
  :ok | {:error, [String.t()]} | {:error, String.t()}

Sends the built email.


  • :api_key - API key to use with the request.


email =
  |> Email.add_to("")
  |> Email.put_from("")
  |> Email.put_subject("Hello from Elixir")
  |> Email.put_text("Sent with Elixir")

:ok = Mail.send(email)