API Reference Shin v0.2.0


Shin is a simple Elixir client for the Shibboleth IdP's admin features. Currently it can collect metrics and trigger service reloads.

Queries a Shibboleth IdP for simulated attribute assertions - producing XML that should be similar to the SAML sent to an SP, containing the same user information.

Queries a Shibboleth IdP for attributes similar to the those sent to the specified SP for a user.

This module contains the IdP structure used to configure requests to a particular IdP. The defaults should work for a typical fresh installation of Shibboleth IdP v4, but may require customisation if the IdP has a different path for endpoints, or additional metrics groups, etc.

Queries and reloads metadata at the IdP. Metadata for SAML entities can be downloaded and metadata providers can be reset.

This module contains convenient functions for retrieving and processing the metrics data provided by a Shibboleth IdP.

This module contains functions for converting the metrics data returned from a Shibboleth IdP into simplified maps of data.

Queries and reloads sub-services at the IdP. Mostly it reloads subservices: things like logging, attribute filters, etc.