API Reference smppex v3.0.2


SMPPEX is a framework for building SMPP servers and clients (which are often referred to as MC and ESME entities respectevely).

This is a module for launching an SMPPEX.Session implementation as an ESME.

SMPPEX.ESME.Sync is an ESME implementation of SMPPEX.Session. It allows to send PDUs to SMSCs in a syncronous way, i.e. blocking till the response PDU comes.

This is a module for launching a TCP listener (or any other listener supported by ranch, for example, ssl) which handles incoming connections with the passed SMPPEX.Session implementations.

Module for working with Pdu struct representing parsed SMPP PDU

Module for operating with SMPP errors.

Module for convenient generation of the most common PDUs.

Module for operating with deliver_sm message states.

Module for operating with multipart information packed as UDH in message body.

Module for operating with deliver_sm network_error_code parameter.

Module for converting SMPPEX Pdu structs to format used by Oserl library.

Module for colored pretty printing Pdu structs.

Module for automatic TON/NPI detection

Module for parsing encoded IEs from UDHs.

Module for converting validity period to Unix timestamp.

Module for implementing custom SMPP Session entities.