View Source Tesla.Adapter.Finch (tesla v1.9.0)

Adapter for finch.

Remember to add {:finch, "~> 0.14.0"} to dependencies. Also, you need to recompile tesla after adding the :finch dependency:

mix deps.clean tesla
mix compile


In order to use Finch, you must start it and provide a :name. For example, in your supervision tree:

children = [
  {Finch, name: MyFinch}

You must provide the same name to this adapter:

# set globally in config/config.exs
config :tesla, :adapter, {Tesla.Adapter.Finch, name: MyFinch}

# set per module
defmodule MyClient do
  use Tesla

  adapter Tesla.Adapter.Finch, name: MyFinch

Adapter specific options

  • :name - The :name provided to Finch (required).

Finch options

  • :pool_timeout - This timeout is applied when a connection is checked out from the pool. Default value is 5_000.

  • :receive_timeout - The maximum time to wait for a response before returning an error. Default value is 15_000.