Tirexs v0.8.15 API Reference


Tirexs is split into several layers

The Bulk API makes it possible to perform many index/delete operations in single call

This module represents a main entry point for creating resources from DSL

Represents environment-specific %URI{} struct. The struct has been used internally for building a request URL by default

A set of functions for working over HTTP

Provides DSL-like macros for indices definition

Multi GET API allows to get multiple documents based on an index, type (optional) and id (and possibly routing)

The intend is to provide an abstraction for dealing with ES resources

This module provides a set of API helpers. Helpers are useful for buiding an URN part of particular request. Most commonly the result of this would be used for dealing directly with variety of available Tirexs.HTTP functions

Provides DSL-like macros for search query definition