Migrating from < 2.0.0

Version 2.0.0 added a breaking change to changelog generation behaviors.

Now Versioce.Changelog.DataGrabber

Should implement get_versions/1 instead of get_data/1. Should implement get_version/1 that will grab data for one specific version.

For implementation details check out Versioce.Changelog.DataGrabber.Git

Now Versioce.Changelog.Formatter

Should implement version_to_str/1 which will format single Versioce.Changelog.DataGrabber.Version.t() to string.

For implementation details check out Versioce.Changelog.Formatter.Keepachangelog

Migrating from < 1.0.0

Version 1.0.0 added a breaking change in terms of hook running. Hooks changed their signature. Now they should follow the general {:ok, params} | {:error, reason} tuples pattern. Ex.:

defmodule MyProj.PreHook do
  use Versioce.PreHook

  def run(params) do
    {:ok, params}

Note: All hooks should still pass on parameters they recieved in an :ok tuple. If one of the hooks fails and returns :error tuple, bumping stops and reason will be shown.

git_cli is no longer a mandatory dependency. If you don't use Versioce git hooks, you can drop it.