API Reference Versioce v2.0.0


Module responsible for the bumping itself.

Module that parses and converts a CalVer format to and actual Version value

Module that is responsible for updating files in the project.

Struct representation of commit message anchors types.

Behaviour for datagrabbers in versioce

Version struct and its support functions.

Behaviour for formatters in versioce

Configuration module for versioce app. Picks either a value from config.ex or a default.

Configuration module for versioce changelog generation. see Versioce.Config for more details

Configuration module for versioce git integration. see Versioce.Config for more details

Git utility functions for versioce module.

Behaviour for post hooks in versioce.

Generates a Changelog in your repository with Versioce.Config.Changelog.changelog_file/0 filepath.

Runs a git add in your repository.

Runs a git commit in your repository.

Runs git add -a -m in your repository.

A simple post-hook inspecting its arguments.

Behaviour for pre hooks in versioce.

A simple pre-hook inspecting its arguments.

Utility functions for the project.

Mix Tasks

A task that bumps your projects version.

Prints current project version.

Generates a changelog for your project.