API Reference runbox v6.0.0



Runbox allows working with scenario releases. It can load scenario releases and provide information about the individual scenarios within them.

Decide if a message is a duplicate by comparing it to messages already seen.

Utilities for communicating with master node from slave node

Set of utility functions for use in notification templates.

Structure holding Runbox context of running slave node.

Module contains common functions called on run slave node.

Structure holding context of starting run.

Output Action for internal use by Runtime

Struct produced by scenario representing instruction for runtime.

Instruction to register unit timeout.

Component network builds and validates template dependency network.

Sandbox is helper for executing runs without started Altworx application.

Transform valid component network to gen_stage definitions.

For new unit testing of scenarios it is recommended to use functions in Runbox.Runtime.Stage.Sandbox directly. This module should only help to convert old scenarios integration tests (using Solutions.TestRunner) to unit tests. For examples of such conversion see tests in the scenarios master branch.

Selector function generator which is used to filter messages between GenStage phases.

Module generates state of run components running on slave node.

Module implements producer_consumer GenStage behaviour, scenario template is used to handle events

Module encapsulates scenario template callback calls.

Timezip component responsible for merging messages from multiple sources using message timestamps.

Buffering multi-queue data structure for Timezip.

Unit register used in stage based runtime to manage state of units.

Module manages alternative registry state.

Holds information about scenario.

Utilities for working with Asset

Provides configuration to a scenario.

Support for helper processes for scenarios.

Behaviour and struct for scenario manifest.

Struct representing incident manifest

Struct representing one column in incident forecast UI widget.

Module contains functions for working with scenario notifications.

Output action represents a side effect produced by a run.

Body of invalid output action.

Parameters for output action Delete All Asset Attributes.

Parameters for output action Delete Asset Attributes.

Parameters for output action Delete Edge.

Parameters for output action Event.

Parameters for output action Execute SQL.

Parameters for output action Incident.

Parameters for output action Incident Patch.

Parameters for output action Notification.

Parameters for output action Upsert Asset Attributes.

Parameters for output action Upsert Edge.

Module defines behaviour used in scenarios as template.

Behaviour used to detect scenario template source files.

Definition of action to be fired from UI.

Module for inspecting a scenario release.

Functions which are called on the scenario slave via RPC from the master node.

Holds information about scenario template.

Utilities for starting a slave node with a scenario release and communicating with the node.

Module defines struct which acts as state store envelope for any stateful runtime component.

Module contains functions to compute savepoint timestamps.

A set of utility functions for Enums.

A set of utility functions for Maps.

Utilities for handling configured paths.

Dead-letter message produced when evaluating of raw-topic failed.

Formerly delayed messages/late events, when jitter around incoming topic is out of threshold.

Altworx message runtime representation.

Struct representing a unit.

Toolbox for working with scenario user actions.


Mix Tasks

Assembles an Altworx scenario release for the current project. It is done in a docker container based on an image which ensures correct erlang and Elixir versions, so they are compatible with Altworx.

Assembles an Altworx scenario release for the current project.