AppSignal v1.3.3 Appsignal

Main library entrypoint.

This module contains the main AppSignal OTP application, as well as a few helper functions for sending metrics to AppSignal.

These metrics do not rely on an active transaction being present. For transaction related-functions, see the Appsignal.Transaction module.



Add a value to a distribution

Increment a counter of some metric

Set a gauge for a measurement of some metric

Application callback function

Application callback function


add_distribution_value(key, value)
add_distribution_value(String.t, float | integer) :: :ok

Add a value to a distribution

Use this to collect multiple data points that will be merged into a graph.

config_change(changed, new, removed)
increment_counter(key, count \\ 1)
increment_counter(String.t, integer) :: :ok

Increment a counter of some metric.

send_error(reason, message \\ "", stack \\ nil, metadata \\ %{}, conn \\ nil, fun \\ fn t -> t end)

Send an error to AppSignal

When there is no current transaction, this call starts one.


Appsignal.send_error(%RuntimeError{}, "Oops!")
Appsignal.send_error(%RuntimeError{}, "", System.stacktrace())
Appsignal.send_error(%RuntimeError{}, "", nil, %{foo: "bar"})
Appsignal.send_error(%RuntimeError{}, "", nil, %{}, %Plug.Conn{peer: {{127, 0, 0, 1}, 12345}})
Appsignal.send_error(%RuntimeError{}, "", nil, %{}, nil, fn(transaction) ->
  Appsignal.Transaction.set_sample_data(transaction, "key", %{foo: "bar"})
set_gauge(key, value)
set_gauge(String.t, float | integer) :: :ok

Set a gauge for a measurement of some metric.

start(type, args)

Application callback function


Application callback function