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v1.2.0 (2024-06-11)


  • [AshJsonApi.Domain] add base_route constructor to domain router

Bug Fixes:

  • [AshJsonApi.Resource] properly reflect that default: false makes a non required attribute

  • [AshJsonApi.Resource] non-public attributes can be accepted and required in 3.0

  • [AshJsonApi.Resource] support require_attributes in json schema

  • [AshJsonApi.Resource] ensure that resource-level default_fields are honored


  • [attributes] non-public attributes can be accepted in 3.0

v1.1.2 (2024-06-05)

Bug Fixes:

  • [includes] ensure we don't drop includes (as a result of deduplicating them)

v1.1.1 (2024-06-05)

Bug Fixes:

  • [includes] deduplicate includes list while building it


  • [metadata] add ability to supply custom route metadata (#152)

v1.1.0 (2024-05-24)


  • [AshJsonApi.Domain] support routes defined on the domain


This changelog has been restarted. See /documentation/ for previous changelogs.

Breaking Changes:

  • [AshJsonApi.Resource] relationship routes now depend on the action taking an argument with the same name as the relationship. See the upgrade for more.

  • [AshJsonApi.ToJsonApiError] Introduced AshJsonApi.ToJsonApiError to convert errors to JSON API errors. This brings it more in line with other Ash extensions.


  • [AshJsonApi.Resource] create/update/destroy actions now use bulk operations
  • [AshJsonApi.Router] router is now a dynamic hand-written router. This prevents compile time dependencies.
  • [AshJsonApi.Error] honor path when building source pointers