View Source Upgrading to AshJsonApi to 1.0

Two major things have changed in AshJsonApi 1.0.


The error handling has been revamped to be more in line with patterns around Ash and AshGraphql. To implement custom errors, or to enable additional Ash errors to be displayed by AshJsonApi, you will implement the AshJsonApi.ToJsonApiError protocol. Here is how its done for one of the builtin errors:

defimpl AshJsonApi.ToJsonApiError, for: Ash.Error.Changes.InvalidChanges do
  def to_json_api_error(error) do
      id: Ash.UUID.generate(),
      status_code: AshJsonApi.Error.class_to_status(error.class),
      code: "invalid",
      title: "Invalid",
      source_parameter: to_string(error.field),
      detail: error.message,

Relationship Routes

Previously, AshJsonApi called Ash.Changeset.manage_relationship on the changeset built for the action. Now, you have to define the argument and manage_relationship yourself. See the relationships guide for more.

Ash.Api is now Ash.Domain in Ash 3.0

Your Router module file (the module that has use AshJsonApi.Router in it) will need all references to api updated to be domain. eg.

defmodule MyApp.MyApi.Router do
  use AshJsonApi.Router,
    domains: [MyApp.Domain1, MyApp.Domain2],