View Source Axon.Loop.State (Axon v0.6.0)

Accumulated state in an Axon.Loop.

Loop state is a struct:

  epoch: integer(),
  max_epoch: integer(),
  iteration: integer(),
  max_iteration: integer(),
  metrics: map(string(), container()),
  times: map(integer(), integer()),
  step_state: container(),
  handler_metadata: container()

epoch is the current epoch, starting at 0, of the nested loop. Defaults to 0.

max_epoch is the maximum number of epochs the loop should run for. Defaults to 1.

iteration is the current iteration of the inner loop. In supervised settings, this will be the current batch. Defaults to 0.

max_iteration is the maximum number of iterations the loop should run a given epoch for. Defaults to -1 (no max).

metrics is a map of %{"metric_name" => value} which accumulates metrics over the course of loop processing. Defaults to an empty map.

times is a map of %{epoch_number => value} which maps a given epoch to the processing time. Defaults to an empty map.

step_state is the step state as defined by the loop's processing initialization and update functions. step_state is a required field.

handler_metadata is a metadata field for storing loop handler metadata. For example, loop checkpoints with specific metric criteria can store previous best metrics in the handler meta for use between iterations.

event_counts is a metadata field which stores information about the number of times each event has been fired. This is useful when creating custom filters.

status refers to the loop state status after the loop has executed. You can use this to determine if the loop ran to completion or if it was halted early.