API Reference bitcoinex v0.1.6


Documentation for Bitcoinex.

Bitcoinex.Address supports Base58 and Bech32 address encoding and validation.

Includes Base58 serialization and validation.

Includes Bech32 serialization and validation.

Contains an an extended key as documented in BIP 32.

Contains a list of integers (or the :any atom) representing a bip32 derivation path. The :any atom represents a wildcard in the derivation path. DerivationPath structs can be used by ExtendedKey.derive_extended_key to derive a child key at the given path.

Includes serialization and validation for Lightning Network BOLT#11 invoices.

A hop hint is used to help the payer route a payment to the receiver.

Includes BOLT#11 Invoice serialization.

Includes network-specific paramater options.

a module for storing the list of opcodes by number and atom
and defining the functions associated with each opcode

Support for Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions (PSBT).

Global properties of a partially signed bitcoin transaction.

Input properties of a partially signed bitcoin transaction.

Output properties of a partially signed bitcoin transaction.

Contains utility functions used throughout PSBT serialization.

a module for manipulating Bitcoin Scripts

ECDSA Secp256k1 curve operations. libsecp256k1: https://github.com/bitcoin-core/secp256k1

Contains math utilities when dealing with secp256k1 curve points and scalars.

Contains the x, y, and z of an elliptic curve point.

Contains an integer used to create a Point and sign.

Contains r,s in signature.

SegWit address serialization.

Bitcoin on-chain transaction structure. Supports serialization of transactions.

Transaction Input part of an on-chain transaction.

Transaction Output part of an on-chain transaction.

Utilities for when dealing with transaction objects.

Witness structure part of an on-chain transaction.

Contains useful utility functions used in Bitcoinex.