View Source Bumblebee.Text.WhisperGenerationConfig (Bumblebee v0.5.3)

A set of Whisper-specific configuration options controlling text generation.

This struct is used in the Bumblebee.Text.GenerationConfig struct under the :extra_config attribute.


  • :no_timestamps_token_id - the id of the no-timestamps token

  • :language_to_token_id - a map from language code to token id corresponding to that language. Defaults to %{}

  • :task_to_token_id - a map from task to token id corresponding to that task. Defaults to %{}



@type t() :: %Bumblebee.Text.WhisperGenerationConfig{
  language_to_token_id: term(),
  no_timestamps_token_id: term(),
  task_to_token_id: term()