API Reference Cachex v3.6.0



Cachex provides a straightforward interface for in-memory key/value storage.

Parent actions module for cache interactions.

Application callback to start any global services.

Module dedicated to basic filesystem iteractions.

Module containing all error definitions used in the codebase.

Minor error implementation for all Cachex-specific errors.

Module controlling hook behaviour definitions.

Binding module to parse options into a cache record.

Module controlling policy behaviour definitions.

Least recently written eviction policies for Cachex.

Evented least recently written eviction policy for Cachex.

Scheduled least recently written eviction policy for Cachex.

Utility module based around creation of cache queries.

Routing module to dispatch Cachex actions to their execution environment.

Service specification provider for Cachex caches.

Dispatch service to retrieve values from remote calls.

Parent module for all warmer definitions for a cache.

Parent module for all child hook definitions for a cache.

Expiration service to clean up expired cache records periodically.

Locking service in charge of table transactions.

Transaction queue backing a cache instance.

Service module overseeing the persistence of cache records.

Specification definitions based around records and utilities.

Validation module for records defined in the specification.

Hook module to control the gathering of cache statistics.

Module controlling cache warmer behaviour definitions.