DocuSign.Model.EnvelopeRecipientTabs (DocuSign v0.3.3) View Source

All of the tabs associated with a recipient. Each property is a list of a type of tab.

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t() :: %DocuSign.Model.EnvelopeRecipientTabs{
  approveTabs: [Approve],
  checkboxTabs: [Checkbox],
  companyTabs: [Company],
  dateSignedTabs: [DateSigned],
  dateTabs: [DateTime],
  declineTabs: [Decline],
  emailAddressTabs: [EmailAddress],
  emailTabs: [Email],
  envelopeIdTabs: [EnvelopeId],
  firstNameTabs: [FirstName],
  formulaTabs: [FormulaTab],
  fullNameTabs: [FullName],
  initialHereTabs: [InitialHere],
  lastNameTabs: [LastName],
  listTabs: [List],
  notarizeTabs: [Notarize],
  noteTabs: [Note],
  numberTabs: [Float],
  radioGroupTabs: [RadioGroup],
  signHereTabs: [SignHere],
  signerAttachmentTabs: [SignerAttachment],
  ssnTabs: [Ssn],
  tabGroups: [TabGroup],
  textTabs: [Text],
  titleTabs: [Title],
  viewTabs: [View],
  zipTabs: [Zip]