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Drab Module to launch Bootstrap Modal in the browser.

Requires Bootstrap to work. Because there are differences beetween Bootstrap 3 and 4, you should configure which version you use (by default it is :bootstrap3):

config :drab, :modal_css, :bootstrap4

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Modal, synchronous alert box. This function shows Bootstrap modal window on the browser and waits for the user input

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Modal, synchronous alert box. This function shows Bootstrap modal window on the browser and waits for the user input.


  • title - title of the message box
  • body - html with the body of the alert box. When contains input, selects, etc, this function return their values


  • class - additional classes to .modal-dialog, ex. modal-lg, modal-sm, modal-xs
  • buttons - list of name/text of the buttons (:ok, :cancel are only available names by default; you need to create a template if you want more buttons), eq. [ok: “Yes”, cancel: “No”]
  • timeout - in milliseconds - after this time modal window will close and the function will return {:cancel, _}

Returns a tuple {clicked_button, params}, where:

  • clicked_button is an atom of :ok or :cancel. Notice that pressing esc or closing the modal window will return :cancel, while pressing enter returns :ok
  • params: Map %{name|id => value} of all inputs, selects, etc which are in the alert box body. Uses name attribute as a key, or id, when there is no name. If there is no id or name, this form value will not be included to the output.


socket |> alert("Title", "Shows this message with default OK button")

# Yes/No requester, returns :ok or :cancel
{button, _} = socket |> alert("Message", "Sure?", buttons: [ok: "Azaliż", cancel: "Ney"])

# messagebox with two input boxes in body
form = "<input name='first'><input id='second'>"
name = case socket |> alert("What's your name?", form, buttons: [ok: "OK", cancel: "No"]) do
  { :ok, params } -> "#{params["first"]} #{params["second"]}"
  { :cancel, _ }  -> "anonymous"

Templates used to generate HTML for the alert box could be found in deps/drab/priv/templates/drab/. If you want to modify it, copy them to priv/templates/drab in your application. There are two templates for default :ok and :cancel buttons, but you may create new one and use them in the same way. For example, to have a new button called unspecified create a template priv/templates/drab/modal.alert.button.unspecified.html.eex:

<button id="_drab_modal_button_unspecified" name="unspecified" type="button"
 class="btn btn-default drab-modal-button" data-dismiss="modal">
    <%= label %>

The button must have drab-modal-button class and its name should correspond to key in buttons list. Now you can use your button in the same way as :ok and :cancel

{button, _} =
  socket |> alert("3 buttons", "Choice?",
            buttons: [ok: "Yes", cancel: "No", unspecified: "Don't know"])