edeliver v1.8.0 Edeliver.Relup.Instructions.StartSection

This upgrade instruction starts a new section

and logs that info on the node which runs the upgrade and in the upgrade script started by the $APP/bin/$APP upgarde $RELEASE command. Usage:

  Edeliver.Relup.Instructions.StartSection.modify_relup(config, _section = :check)

Available sections are:

  • :check -> Checks whether upgrade is possible. Before "point of no return"
  • :suspend -> Suspends processes before the upgrade. Right after the "point of no return"
  • :upgrade -> Runs the upgrade by (un-)loading new(/old) code and updating processes and applications
  • :resume -> Resumes processes after the upgrade that were suspended in the :suspend section.
  • :finished -> The upgrade finished successfully

    It uses the Edeliver.Relup.Instructions.Info instruction to display the section information.

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section() :: :check | :suspend | :upgrade | :resume | :finished

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modify_relup(instructions, config, section \\ :default)

  instructions :: Edeliver.Relup.Instructions.t(),
  config :: Edeliver.Relup.Config.t(),
  section_or_message :: section() | String.t()
) :: Edeliver.Relup.Instructions.t()