edeliver v1.8.0 Edeliver.Relup.PhoenixModification

This module provides default modifications of the relup instructions for phoenix apps.

It performs the following steps:

  • Checking whether the upgrade is possible

    • by checking whether there are processes running old code (from a previous upgrade)
    • by checking whether the ranch acceptor processes can be found
    • by checking whether ranch connection processes can be found

    or canceling the upgrade if one of the checks fails.

  • Preparing the upgrade

    • by suspending all ranch acceptors to avoid accepting new connections / requests during the hot code upgrade
    • by suspending phoenix channels
    • by waiting a short time until running requests are finished and notifying the remaining that an upgrades starts (this allows to rerun failed requests later)
  • Executing the upgrade

    • by using :soft_purge instead of :brutal_purge when loading new code
    • by suspending all processes running code of changed modules
    • by calling code_change at this processes
    • by resuming that processes
  • Finishing the upgrade

    • by rerunning requests that failed during the upgrade
    • by resuming all phoenix channels
    • by resuming all ranch acceptors to continue accepting new connections

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Returns true if the current project is a phoenix project

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modify_relup(instructions, config)

Callback implementation for Edeliver.Relup.Modification.modify_relup/2.

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priority() :: non_neg_integer()

Returns the priority Edeliver.Relup.Modification.priority_default/0 +1.

Unless the module is set by the RELUP_MODIFICATION_MODULE env or the --relup-mod= command line option the module with the highest priority is used (which is also usable).

Returns true if the current project is a phoenix project