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  • Fixes
    • include missing default file to start release containers into hex package
    • list available releases on google container registry correctly


  • Enhancements

    • add DOCKER_HUB_ACCESS_TOKEN to list releases on Docker Hub
    • improve listing of releases from Docker registry
  • Fixes

    • creating release TAR when building in docker and with mix directly
    • listing releases on Docker Hub


  • Enhancements

    • support building in docker instead on a build host
    • support building deployable docker containers containing the built release
    • support mix release task
    • run epmd-less in docker
    • rebar3 support
  • Fixes

    • consider env when fetching deps
    • consider DEPLOY_ENVIRONMENT when globally set


  • Backwards incompatible changes
    • Elixir 1.10 compatibility by @progsmile. This is minimum required version now.


  • Backwards incompatible changes
    • Elixir 1.9 compatibility by @pablo-meier. This is minimum required version now.
    • Distillery 2.1.0 compatibility by @nifoc. This is minimum required version now.


  • Enhancements
    • Support Distillery 2.x
  • Backwards incompatible changes
    • Distillery 1.x is not supported anymore


  • Fixes
    • Truly fixes broken distillery compatibility by @TokiTori


  • Fixes
    • Fix broken distillery compatibility by @TokiTori


  • Enhancements
    • Warnings cleanup by @kanmo
    • New autoversion option "-time" by @tejanium


Good news everyone! Distillery compatibility is restored!


  • Merge pull request #248 from dmarkow/distillery-fixes
  • Update docs for distillery integration
  • Use correct output_dir from distillery
  • Ensure docs are built for both exrm/distillery plugins
  • Merge pull request #199 from otaq/master
  • Sleep 1 before check node running


  • Removed support for spaces in project path. It broke using multiple hosts.
  • Update Readme


  • Propagate exit code for the synchronous migration
  • Added post_extract_release_archive hook
  • Added support for spaces in project path.
  • Pass branch variable when building release


  • Support Elixir 1.3.4 in addition to 1.4


  • Compatibility with elixir 1.4
  • Compatibility with elixir versions 1.3.[0-3]
  • Improved support for distillery as build tool


  • Marked :exrm as :optional dependency. This requires to add :exrm as dependency to the mix file of the project if exrm is used as build tool
  • Allow to build releases using distillery
  • Improve detection whether exrm or distillery is used as build tool


  • Support distillery as release tool
  • Add pre/post hook which is executed when deployed release is (re)started.
  • Improve default automatic relup modifications and their api docs
  • Fix compile warnings when compiling with elixir version >= 1.3.0
  • Fix problem with node command output


  • Install also rebar3 on the build host
  • Compatibility with elixir / mix version 1.3.0
  • Keep only valid SemVer characters in branch name from auto-versioning
  • Fix ssh forwarding in non-verbose mode


  • Fix detecting version of single release file
  • Improve branch detection for auto-versioning
  • Warn if --auto-version is used with --skip-mix-clean
  • Avoid user interaction for mix local.rebar command


  • Add update command to build and deploy in a single step
  • Allow to append mix env as metadata to version
  • Exrm 1.0.5 compatibility for node commands
  • Allow to link sys.config and vm.args for each mix env


  • Allow to use umbrella projects also for the upgrade or build upgrade task
  • Use ssh agent forwarding on build host to allow to use private git repositories as dependencies


  • Restart whole vm with most recent release for the restart command or --start-deploy option
  • (Re-)start node(s) synchronously and print start progress for --verbose option
  • Fix upgrade command for production deploy environments
  • Improved error output


  • Fix error on automatic phoenix upgrades by not suspending the ranch acceptors supervisor
  • Fix passing ECTO_REPOSITORY env to ecto migration tasks
  • Ecto 2.0 support: read ecto_repos from application env
  • Fix skipping automatic relup modifications for upgrades
  • Fix changing the version of an old release which is build for an upgrade
  • Fix --mix-env option


  • Support migrations for ecto version >= 2.0


  • Improve displaying of revisions contained in the running release.


  • Fix detecting branch name on build host for --autoversion=branch[-unless-master] option.


  • Fix syntax on migrate task with down operation


  • Add upgrade task to automatically upgrade all nodes
  • Add auto-versioning to append metadata to release versions
  • Add command help mix edeliver help <command>
  • Add automatic relup modifications
  • Experimental support for auto-upgrades of phoenix apps


  • Fix issue caused by CDPATH being set


  • Fix displaying all output for node commands


  • Fix selecting release when deploying and no version is given


  • Fix release by adding missing mix.exs


  • Fix ssh warning if edeliver is used as mix task
  • Allow user interaction when building in verbose mode
  • Suppress printing app script version if app script was generated with recent exrm version
  • Fix skipping git clean when SKIP_GIT_CLEAN env is set
  • Show very verbose output of exrm release task if it fails
  • Fix name of post hook which is executed after updating the deps


  • added command line option --mix-env=<env>
  • automatic authorization of/on release store host
  • allow to build different apps in one project when APP env is used
  • use always explicit compilation for exrm compatibility


  • allow incremental builds to decrease build time
  • support for executing ecto migrations
  • support exrm versions from 0.16.0 to > 1.0.0
  • allow to link sys.config and vm.args in release
  • display command output when build command failed
  • keeps build repository size constant
  • return correct status code if mix command failed
  • deploy release non-interactively if also upgrade exists
  • install hex non-interactive


  • initial version with elixir support