edeliver provides a mechanism to automatically patch / modify the generated relup instrunctions for a release upgrade.

This is often required depending on the application to upgrade and depending on the changes made on the code.

To automatically modify the relup file the Edeliver.Relup.Modification behaviour must be implemented. It can call several implementations of the Edeliver.Relup.Instruction behaviour in its modify_relup/2 callback which represent single modifications.

Default Relup-Patching used by edeliver

At the moment there exist two experimental default modifications, one general for all applications (Edeliver.Relup.DefaultModification) and one for phoenix applications (Edeliver.Relup.PhoenixModification).

To disable the automatic relup modifications you can use the --skip-relup-mod option when building the upgrade.

Instructions provided by edeliver

If you want or need to implement your own Edeliver.Relup.Modification, the following instructions provided by edeliver can be used:

Custom Instructions

If you want to use a custom instruction in your custom Edeliver.Relup.Modification you must implement the Edeliver.Relup.Instruction behaviour and implement the modify_relup/2 callback. This allows e.g. to reorder, to add or to remove relup instructions.

If you just want to execute custom code during the upgrade you might want to use the more extended Edeliver.Relup.RunnableInstruction behaviour and implement the run/1 function.

If you think the custom instruction might be useful also for other applications, feel free to submit a pull request.

Integration with Distillery

In order for your modifications to be applied, you have to configure Distillery to use edeliver's Releases.Plugin.ModifyRelup plugin. You can configure this in the rel/config.exs file like this:

environment :prod do
  plugin Releases.Plugin.ModifyRelup


This example shows a custom (runnable) instruction which would execute pending ecto migrations during the upgrade. This custom instruction is then used in a custom relup modification which adds this instruction at the end of the generated relup instructions including some info output (Edeliver.Relup.Instructions.StartSection).

defmodule MyApp.Relup.MigrationInstruction do
  @moduledoc """
    Executes ecto migrations during the upgrade.

    Can be used in any relup modification.
  use Edeliver.Relup.RunnableInstruction

  @doc "insert after all other instructions"
  def insert_where, do: &append/2

  @doc "pass application name and version to the `run/1` function when executing the relup"
  def arguments(_instructions = %Instructions{up_version: up_version}, _config = %{name: name}) do
    {name, up_version}

  @doc "runs during upgrade"
  def run({otp_application_name, up_version}) do
    info "Running pending migrations..."
    {:ok, [ecto_repository_module]} = Application.fetch_env(otp_application_name, :ecto_repos) # requires ecto 2.0, migrations_dir(otp_application_name, up_version), :up, [all: true])

  defp migrations_dir(application_name, application_version) do
    # use priv dir from the new version
    lib_dir = :code.priv_dir(application_name) |> to_string |> Path.dirname |> Path.dirname
    application_with_version = "#{Atom.to_string(application_name)}-#{application_version}"
    Path.join([lib_dir, application_with_version, "priv", "repo", "migrations"])


defmodule MyApp.Relup.MigrationModification
  @moduledoc """
    Runs pending migrations during the upgrade

    in addition to the generated code-chaning instructions.
  use Edeliver.Relup.Modification

  def modify_relup(instructions = %Instructions{}, config = %{}) do
    # check whether upgrade is possible
    |> Edeliver.Relup.Instructions.StartSection.modify_relup(config, :check)
    |> Edeliver.Relup.Instructions.CheckProcessesRunningOldCode.modify_relup(config)
    # run the upgrade
    |> Edeliver.Relup.Instructions.SoftPurge.modify_relup(config)
    |> Edeliver.Relup.Instructions.SuspendAppProcesses.modify_relup(config)
    |> Edeliver.Relup.Instructions.ReloadModules.modify_relup(config)
    |> Edeliver.Relup.Instructions.CodeChangeOnAppProcesses.modify_relup(config)
    # run the custom instruction
    |> MyApp.Relup.MigrationInstruction.modify_relup(config) # <--------------------
    |> Edeliver.Relup.Instructions.ResumeAppProcesses.modify_relup(config)
    |> Edeliver.Relup.Instructions.StartSection.modify_relup(config, :finished)

  @doc "usable if ecto is a dependency"
  def usable?(_config = %{}) do
    deps = Mix.Project.config[:deps]
    List.keymember?(deps, :ecto, 0)

  @doc "returns higher priority as the edeliver defaults"
  def priority, do: priority_user