View Source API Reference Elasticsearch_ex v1.7.1


Provides some convenient functions.

Provides the functions to interact with the CAT APIs.

Provides the APIs for the single document operations.

Provides the APIs for document source operations.

You can use the following APIs to introspect and manage Features provided by Elasticsearch and Elasticsearch plugins.

Provides general information about the installed X-Pack features.

Search APIs are used to search and aggregate data stored in Elasticsearch indices and data streams. For an overview and related tutorials, see The search API.

Provides usage information about the installed X-Pack features.

Provides the functions to make HTTP calls.

Converts a document or source from Elasticsearch data structures into Elixir data structures.

Provides a struct to represent a document from Elasticsearch.

Wraps the HTTP error into an Elixir exception.

Provides some helpers to manipulate NDJSON (Newline Delimited JSON).

Converts a document or source from Elixir data structures into data structures compatible with Elasticsearch.

This module allows you to fetch a subset of documents from an Elasticsearch index. It uses a modulo operation on the document ID to determine the shard number.

Provides an utility to generate an Elixir Stream from an Elasticsearch search.