Ewebmachine.Plug.Run (ewebmachine v2.3.0) View Source

Plug passing your conn through the HTTP decision tree to fill its status and response.

This plug does not send the HTTP result, instead the conn result of this plug must be sent with the plug Ewebmachine.Plug.Send. This is useful to customize the Ewebmachine result after the run, for instance to customize the error body (void by default).

  • Decisions are make according to handlers set in conn.private[:resource_handlers] (%{handler_name: handler_module}) where handler_name is one of the handler function of Ewebmachine.Handlers and handler_module is the module implementing it.
  • Initial user state (second parameter of handler function) is taken from conn.private[:machine_init]

Ewebmachine.Builder.Handlers :add_handler plug allows you to set these parameters in order to use this Plug.

A successfull run will reset the resource handlers and initial state.