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2.3.1 (2021-12-17)


  • now threads the conn struct to keep the updates instead of reusing the original one.
  • Ewebmachine.Builder.Handles.add.add_handlers/2: internal changes to satisfy dialyzer.


  • Code janitoring wrt elixir versions: supports 1.3 - 1.6
  • Validated against Cowboy 1 & 2



  • Feature: allow to name resources modules


  • Bug fixes
    • make it compatible with elixir 1.4 without warnings
    • fix related regression


  • Bug fixes
    • Plug version spec and plug update to 1.0


  • Bug fixes
    • accept_helper is used in non terminal decision, so halt conn in case of 415 (else in some case, 415 became 200)


  • Bug fixes
    • All headers must be lower case to respect Plug.conn convention, updated tests
    • add PATCH to default known methods, currently no other support, so to use PATCH
      • set Accept-Patch in option with accepted media types,
      • set handler for these types in content-types-accepted
      • implement resources_exists to convert PATCH method to PUT if the resource exists


  • Bug fixes
    • Debug call log size were O(n^2), make it O(n) removing conn.private from the log


  • Enhancements

    • {:halt,code} works in more cases because it now throws the conn to break the decision flow.
    • Make it possible to use Ewebmachine.Plug.Debug not at the routing root, with relative assets. Thanks to @yrashk.
    • Make it possible to use a fuzzy content_types_accepted media type. Thanks again to @yrashk.
    • little changes to allow to chain ewebmachine handler definitions and run
    • 2 nice plugs to handle errors after a run : ErrorAsException and ErrorAsForward
    • A macro to set common plug pipeline use cases : resources_plugs
    • Change Logging from a simple Agent to ETS
    • add this CHANGELOG
  • Bug fixes

    • Bug in create path relative handling, use Conn.full_path to use the script_name and the path_info


  • Bug fixes
    • Avoid module name collision with resource module function changing the naming scheme.




  • Bug fixes
    • Makes {:halt,code} management works correctly, add test.


  • Bug fixes
    • Makes {:halt,code} management works correctly.