View Source GRPC.Channel (grpc v0.5.0)

A struct to store the connection data, which should be passed to RPC functions as the first argument:

Greeter.Stub.say_hello(channel, request)



  • :host - server's host to connect
  • :port - server's port to connect
  • :scheme - scheme of connection, like http
  • :cred - credentials used for authentication
  • :adapter - a client adapter module, like GRPC.Client.Adapters.Gun
  • :codec - a default codec for this channel
  • :adapter_payload - payload the adapter uses

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@type t() :: %GRPC.Channel{
  accepted_compressors: [module()],
  adapter: atom(),
  adapter_payload: any(),
  codec: module(),
  compressor: module(),
  cred: GRPC.Credential.t(),
  headers: list(),
  host: String.t(),
  interceptors: [],
  port: non_neg_integer(),
  scheme: String.t()