Kujira.Orca.Bid (kujira v0.1.47)

A bid placed by a user to buy liquidated collateral at a specific discount from the market price


  • :id - The unique ID of the bid

  • :bidder - The address that submitted the bid

  • :delegate - An optional account that can activate the bid on behalf of the bidder

  • :bid_amount - The remaining amount of the bid_token

  • :filled_amount - The amount of collateral available for withdrawal

  • :premium - The bid discount on the market rate

  • :activation_time - When not nil, the bid must be activated at or after this time



Returns all new bids found in a specific transaction


@type t() :: %Kujira.Orca.Bid{
  activation_time: DateTime.t() | nil | :not_loaded,
  bid_amount: integer(),
  bidder: String.t(),
  delegate: String.t() | nil,
  filled_amount: integer(),
  id: String.t(),
  premium: Decimal.t()


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from_query(queue, arg2)

@spec from_query(Kujira.Orca.Queue.t(), map()) :: t() | nil
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from_tx_response(channel, response)

@spec from_tx_response(GRPC.Channel.t(), Cosmos.Base.Abci.V1beta1.TxResponse.t()) ::
  [{String.t(), t()}] | nil

Returns all new bids found in a specific transaction