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lastfm_archive is a tool for extracting and archiving music listening data - scrobbles.

An archive derived from local data extracted from Lastfm.

An archive containing raw data extracted from Lastfm API.

Struct representing Lastfm archive metadata.

Struct representing a Lastfm scrobble, i.e. listened track.

Transform scrobbles into faceted columnar archive.

Transform existing data of file archive into different storage formats.

Base transformer with default implementations.

Behaviour of a Lastfm archive.

Behaviour, macro and functions for Explorer.DataFrame related I/Os.

Behaviour and data struct for retrieving data from Lastfm API.

Transform strategy for applying post archive side affects

Client for extracting Lastfm user info and scrobbles data via the official API.

Struct representing Lastfm API.

Livebook chart and text rendering.

This module provides functions for loading Lastfm data into databases and search engines.