API Reference literature v0.3.2


Provides the core functions to retrieve and manage the CLDR data that supports formatting and localisation.

Parses HTTP Accept-Language header values as defined in rfc2616.

Literature Cloudflare

Backend module that provides functions to define new locales and display human-readable locale names for presentation purposes.

Migrations create the database tables Literature needs.

update @current_version if adding new migration

Beginning tables for Literature

Add literature_redirects table

Add language to publications and posts

Add position to literature_tags_posts

Add is_published to literature_posts

Add rss fields to publication

Implements cardinal plural rules for numbers.

Implements ordinal plural rules for numbers.

Implements plural rules for ranges

Raised when a page is not found.

This plug is responsible for maybe redirecting requests from one path to another inside a publication.

Wrappers around Ecto.Repo callbacks.

Provides LiveView routing for literature.

Literature Uploaders

Literature Profile Image Uploader

pool boy worker that handles image proccessing and stores it in temp file