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About patterns.

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@type t() :: %Matcha.Pattern{source: Matcha.Source.pattern()}

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filter(pattern, enumerable)

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@spec filter(t(), Enumerable.t()) :: Enumerable.t()
@spec match!(t(), term()) :: term() | no_return()
@spec match?(t(), term()) :: boolean()
@spec source(t()) :: Matcha.Source.pattern()
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to_spec(context \\ Matcha.Context.Match, pattern)

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@spec to_spec(context :: Matcha.Context.t(), t()) ::
  {:ok, Matcha.Spec.t()} | {:error, Matcha.Error.problems()}
@spec validate(t()) :: {:ok, t()} | {:error, Matcha.Error.problems()}
@spec validate!(t()) :: t() | no_return()