View Source Membrane.RTCP.ReportPacketBlock (Membrane RTP plugin v0.21.0)

Parses and constructs report blocks, which are parts of RTCP Sender and Receiver Reports defined in RFC3550

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@type t() :: %Membrane.RTCP.ReportPacketBlock{
  delay_since_sr: non_neg_integer(),
  fraction_lost: float(),
  highest_seq_num: non_neg_integer(),
  interarrival_jitter: non_neg_integer(),
  last_sr_timestamp: non_neg_integer(),
  ssrc: non_neg_integer(),
  total_lost: non_neg_integer()

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@spec decode(binary()) :: {:ok, [t()]} | {:error, :invalid_report_block}
@spec encode(t()) :: binary()