View Source API Reference Membrane RTP plugin v0.23.1


Parses RTCP Application-defined (APP) packets defined in RFC3550

Parses and constructs RTCP BYE packets defined in RFC3550

Abstraction and generic encoding/decoding functionality for RTCP payload-specific feedback packets.

Struct describing 32-bit header common to all RTCP packets

Functions common to all RTCP Packets

Element responsible for receiving raw RTCP packets, parsing them and emitting proper RTCP events.

Element exchanging RTCP packets and RTCP receiver statistics.

JitterBuffer stats that can be used for Receiver report generation

Event carrying statistics for a receiver report.

Event to be sent to jitter buffer to request statistics.

Parses and constructs RTCP Receiver Report defined in RFC3550

Parses and constructs report blocks, which are parts of RTCP Sender and Receiver Reports defined in RFC3550

Parses Source Description (SDES) RTCP Packets defined in RFC3550

Parses and constructs RTCP Sender Report defined in RFC3550

Abstraction and generic encoding/decoding functionality for RTCP transport layer feedback packets.

Generic Negative Acknowledgment packet that informs about lost RTP packet(s)

Event carrying a parsed RTCP packet.

Modules responsible for reordering incoming RTP packets using a jitter buffer to later depayload packet's payload from RTP format.

Describes RTP Header defined in RFC3550

Describes RTP Header Extension defined in RFC8285 and provides common functions for interacting with extensions placed in buffers.

Given following RTP payloads and their minimal metadata, creates their proper header information, incrementing timestamps and sequence numbers for each packet. Header information then is put inside buffer's metadata under :rtp key.

Module responsible for tracking statistics of incoming RTP packets for a single stream.

Element that buffers and reorders RTP packets based on sequence_number.

Defines list of metrics, that can be aggregated based on events from membrane_rtp_plugin.

Tracks statistics of outbound packets.

Defines a struct describing an RTP packet and a way to parse and serialize it. Based on RFC3550

This module contains utility to translate numerical payload type into an atom value.

Event carrying information about how many packets has been discarded by some element.

Identifies RTP/RTCP packets, then tries to parse RTP packet (parsing header and preparing payload) and forwards RTCP packet to :rtcp_output pad unchanged.

Wrapper over Membrane.RTP.PayloadFormat that returns payloaders and depayloaders, or an error if they can't be resolved.

Module responsible for payloading a stream to RTP format and preparing RTP headers.

An element responsible for handling retransmission packets (rtx) defined in RFC 4588.

An event used to request a retransmission of packet(s).

A filter separating RTP packets from different SSRCs into different outpts.

A struct sent as a message to Membrane.RTP.SSRCRouter with info about known streams and streams that will be identified by extensions and should not be reported until they are present

A module used to map 16-bit sequence number to a continuous index without rollovers. It also detectes repeated and lost packets

Serializer stats that can be used for Sender Report(SR) generation

Bin handling one RTP session, that may consist of multiple incoming and outgoing RTP streams.

A struct used to inform SessionBin about availability of RTX stream with data allowing to set up proper part of a pipeline

Element responsible for dropping silent audio packets.

This bin gets a parsed RTP stream on input and outputs raw media stream.

Bin payloading and serializing media stream to RTP.

The module defines an element responsible for recording transport-wide statistics of incoming packets and generating TWCC feedbacks.

The module defines an element responsible for tagging outgoing packets with transport-wide sequence numbers and estimating available bandwidth.

Vad based on audio level sent in RTP header.

Module for estimating if the user is speaking inspired by Dominant Speaker Identification for Multipoint Videoconferencing by Ilana Volfin and Israel Cohen

An event informing about Voice Activity Detection status changes

Converts SRTCP packets to plain RTCP.

Converts SRTP packets to plain RTP.

Converts plain RTP packets to SRTP.